Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clocks, clocks and more clocks.

I have too many clocks. I'm constantly setting and winding them, and I'm never really sure what time it is unless I look at my mobile phone. So I can be a bit sensitive when it comes to the subject of clocks. So, why does every kitchen appliance need to have a clock in it? There is a clock in our kitchen range. We also have a microwave oven above the range. Two clocks in the kitchen range? And then there's the ingenious design of that clock - if you don't set the clock you can't turn the light on in the range hood! Great! Walk across the room, turn on another light, go back, set the clock, turn on the light you wanted to turn on in the first place, and then turn off the other light you needed in order to see so you could set the clock so you could turn on the light. Arrrrrgh! Technology may be getting out of control. Just because we have the technology to do something doesn't mean that doing it is a good idea!

We have a bread maker. But of course, it has a built in clock. My wife likes to play the radio in the kitchen. You guessed it - a clock radio!

Recently we needed to purchase a new refrigerator. No, I didn't buy one that had a clock. However, while shopping for the refrigerator I found no less than three different models in the same store that came fully equipped with built in DVD players. Why would anyone buy a refrigerator with a built in television and DVD player? Perhaps someone living in a very small apartment? Then, I looked at the price tag. A refrigerator and separate home entertainment center would cost less! Who comes up with these ideas?

Power failures, even for the teeniest of moments and guess what happens - clocks blinking everywhere. Daylight Savings Time - need I say more? It's good to have my trusted mobile phone with me. I take my little portable wristwatch replacing mobile phone with me, from clock to clock to clock to clock to clock. Did I mention setting the clock on my computer?

If you are a consumer, I offer the following suggestions: When buying a clock, consider one that sets itself automatically. They're inexpensive and readily available. They contain a radio circuit tuned to the time signal. The time is set automatically! If you need a new appliance, don't buy one with a clock in it unless you really want another clock. If you have an appliance with a clock and don't use the clock consider placing a piece of black electrical tape over the clock. I found that idea on the Internet years ago while searching for instructions to set the clock on my VCR. Apparently very few people with VCR's were ever able to set their clocks.

If you design kitchen appliances please consider whether the new appliance really needs to have a clock. If it will have a clock, include a battery backup so that the clock does not need to be reset every time the power flutters.

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  1. Maybe Chicago was on to something way back in the 1970's when they asked "Does anyone really know what time it is?"


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